Monday, 23 January 2012

Fresh sea air


Well, this week has been rather nice :) I still haven't been very well but at the weekend I managed to go for a 5 min push along the beach & 10 mins in the park :) So it was very exciting to get some fresh sea air!
 Here are the 'wobbly men'. When my mum told me we were going to go see the 'wobbly men' I thought she meant men with wobbly bellies wandering around the beach.. But no, it's a statue ;)
 Here they are up close, it looks like you can push them over but you can't.
 I took some beautiful photos of swans in the park :) So pretty :)
 Here is the lovely sea view I had, literally about 5-10 steps to get to the water so will be perfect when I can walk a bit further and then I can go have a paddle in the sea! :)
 And here is the sea view with me plonked infront of it ;)
Birds in the sky :)
The little mini train Abi & I went on, because we have the mental age of a 5 year old ;)

Craft project: Cork board

I made a beautiful handmade cork board a few days a go that I have sent to my cousin (not sure if she's really my cousin but anyhow, we think so!) Thought I would share with you how to make it :) Also, you can buy them from me for £6 including p&p which is pretty reasonable I think!

You will need: a cork board & frame, material, pva, scissors, paint & decorations

 Start with a blank cork board. You can buy these online or at many craft shops :) Pop the cork board out of the frame (quite a difficult job to do without breaking it, so get someone to help!). Cut material to size then stick on with PVA. Add decorations like ribbons on.
Paint the frame and leave to dry.

Put the cork board back into the frame so it should look like this. Cover the back with a piece of card to make it look more professional. Also, you can decorate / personalise the frame. 
Add finishing touches like a flower shown here in the middle. And you're done! Just buy some lovely pins and hang up :)

If there's anything you would like to see on my blog do let me know by emailing

Lots of love, kate x

Saturday, 14 January 2012

I get by with a little help from my friends ♥


Hellooooo :)

Well, my life since my last post has been rather eventful ;) First it was a kidney infection, now a bleeding stomach. So more test & appointments. Fun fun fun! But, my friends have all been super lovely by sending me cheery messages & post which has kept me going this week! :)

I spent a lot of my time in bed these past few day, and have been making some beautiful little letter sets :) I did a little deal on facebook for a few friends, so waiting to send them off & hopefully get some good feedback :) I'll also be giving a set away in a future blog post, so watch out! :) Also, I managed to go to a few shops yesterday which was great! Got some Toms (decided to wear them today in like minus 1000000000 degrees which wasn't such a good idea..), a new dress (can never have too many dresses ;)) and some arty stuff :) So I am starting some new craft projects which is exciting, and when I've finished them they will be on here :)

This week has been freezing. It makes me very thankful that I have a a lovely warm house to live in! I really wanted to go out and capture some frost pictures with my camera outside (the frost has been spectacular. have you seen the pattern it creates on windows & things?!) but I haven't been well enough or able to walk far enough so I have resulted in internet pictures ;)

Fair enough this isn't frost really, its snow. But the sky has been ever so beautiful this week, a bit like that ^ and sometimes blue, orange & pink :)
Because of this cold weather, mum has been making me nice cups of hot chocolate :) So tasty :)

Craft Project: Week 3 
Here is some lovely paper bunting. Very very simple to make :) 
You will need: coloured card/paper, hole punch, pencil, scissors & string. Optional sequins, glitter, pens..

Step 1: Make a template for your design and cut out the different coloured cards all in a heart shape.
Step 2: (optional) decorate the heart with glitter pens, sequins..ect
Step 3: Thread the string through the holes and make a loop at both ends. And, you're done!
 This kind of bunting can be made too, it works nicely with twining instead of string. And you also don't have to hole punch anything, you just cut out the base shapes, and then stick the design you want on top of the string :)

Email me at kate.louise.xox with any ideas you want featured or comments :) Hope you are all okay.

Lots of love, kate x

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Make someone smile today :)


Okay, I apologise massively for the late post. I have been very poorly with a kidney infection which has pretty much wiped me out, but I can sit up today so I thought I'd spend my energy doing this :) Oh, and also apologies for this very annoying colour behind my text, I can't seem to set it to transparent, any suggestions?

Being ill is exhausting. And going to hospital, doctors appointments, seeing specialists makes it even more so. But, one thing that makes me smile when I'm ill are letters/post from people :) 

Here is my room, you can see my feet ;) You can see my wardrobe is filled with lovely things that make me smile when I'm stuck in bed (like there^). 

So why are you telling me all this? Well..

You could make a difference to someone's lives. As I said, the one thing that keeps me going on my bad days is post. There is a website called 'Postpals' set up by a very talented girl who also suffers with ME. The idea is you can write to a poorly child or their sibling(s), and really brighten their day. Its very easy to do in just 5 quick steps:
  1. Click on a child's face or select "Find Pals"
  2. Read their page (each child has one page)
  3. Write a card, letter, Email, sign their guestbook or even send a gift to the child and post it to the address on their page (NB this is not the child's home address, but a forwarding one). Please don't expect a reply.
  4.   Report post sent on the stats page
  5. Sit back and know that a child is smiling because of YOU.
    Whether it is a quick email, or a cheery letter, or a handmade gift, everything makes a difference and can really brighten their day. So please, take just 5 mins of your time to write to a pal or even do some fundraising for them. Its a very good cause and you know you are the one making a difference!

    So, the craft project for this week is inspired by post pals. I'm going to show you how to make a very simple card, which would be lovely if you could send it to a pal!
    Materials needed: Glue, blank card & envelope, stickers, card, scissors, glitter..ect

    1) Start off with a blank card. You can get ready folded ones from places like the works & hobbycraft!

    2) Literally decorate it with whatever you want. Glitter, stickers, drawings.. And that's it!

    Here are some simple one's I have made :)

    They look more professional if you use a stencil/stamp for the writing :) but anything will do!

    Really hope this has inspired people to go look at post pals. Comment or email me ( if you do as I'd love to know! Also, and ideas on what you'd like me to blog about / craft projects are most welcome :)

    Lots of love, kate x

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Baby you're a firework


Happy new year everyone! :) Hope 2012 will bring much happiness, opportunities and achievements :)

Well, its now 2012 :) I somehow managed to stay up 'til midnight to watch the famous London countdown & fireworks on tv which was amazing :) Then I retreated to my bed to watch a few local fireworks from my window which was also very nice! So, new year means new start. I know a lot of people believe 'you don't need a new year to change things' but I honestly believe there is something magical about it. Something that makes you want to change and gives you motivation. You can start a fresh any time I believe, but new year is an even more perfect time.

So, since its January I am wandering what your hopes are for 2012. Do you have anything to look forward to or have you made any new years resolutions? I have some amazing things to look forward to this year, and will update you one what they are later in my posts :) 

Here are some of my new year resolutions:

I would like to raise awareness of ME and raise money for a ME charity.

Continue blogging throughout the year & gain some followers ;) Hopefully have some positive feedback about it and make a difference somehow!

Put all my loose change in a piggy bank and not touch it until December when I can count it up and use it to treat myself!

Continue Project 365 but start a new one for 2012. Scrapbook it too!

Drink at least 2 bottles of water a day. Since I basically only drink coke this is going to be hard..

Set up my jewellery & crafts business online. Spread the word & make some new things! Why not take a look?

Do 15 mins relaxation & stretching each day.

So yeah, who knows how long I will manage to keep my new years resolutions for. But I love a challenge! Comment & let me know what your new years resolutions are :)

Craft project - week one :)

I said I would do some craft ideas/projects for people :) So, I thought this was a lovely one to start the new year. (This isn't the actual canvas I made, but very similar, the photo won't upload & it's basically the same thing!)

Here's what I'm going to show you how to make. You don't have to make a butterfly, it could be a heart or anything else at all! Perfect for presents and just for decoration!

What you will need: Blank canvas (any size, the bigger the better!), lots of little left over crafty things like buttons, bows, stickers, sequins.. use your imagination and make it unique!, some pva/superglue, paint, pencil & a glitter pen :)

Step 1: Paint your canvas with acrylic paint. One colour looks best but you can experiment with others :) Leave to dry
Step 2: Lightly trace your design in pencil on the canvas and go over in glitter glue. Leave to dry.
Step 3: Collec all your crafty objects together and stick inside the lines. You can even overlap/layer them. Make sure they are stuck down with strong glue!

And that's it! Step back and admire your work :) Looks really good hung up :) Another idea is to add some ribbon to the background which looks so lovely :)

I hope you enjoyed my first 'proper' blog post :) And I really hope people like my first ever step by step craft project! Please leave me feedback & follow to see more amazing things I have in line!

Loads of love, kate x