Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Mothers day crafts :)


Hello :) Well, this week has been rather up and down! I've had to deal with extra poorly-ness which has pretty much floored me, but even so I had a really nice week :)

I've been experimenting at making some new crafts things!
 Here are some decorated wooden words :)
 Personalising the blank ones, which will look pretty when done :)
 More words ;)
 'One of your five a day' earrings!
Gorgeous paper flowers I've been making for mothers day :)
Here are my first ever batch of bathbombs! so proud! Was going to make them to sell to friends, but since it'll cost over £200 to get a safety assessment and insurance, that will have to wait..

All of which can be seen on my facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/groups/281829891878126/) or email me at kate.louise.xox@gmail.com about any of my items :)

So there are some of the lovely crafts I've been making this week :) I've just got my things through to make my first ever 'rag-rug' which I am VERY excited about doing :D


Today, i'm doing my blog post about mothers day :) It's coming up soon (18th March!) so I thought people might be appreciative of some things they can hand make themselves :) 

My mum is amazing, and I bet your mum is too :) And what a better way to show it than by making your own handmade gifts, which also is a really cheap idea too ;) I thought I would share a few easy craft projects suitable for mothers day that I've made :)

  1. Cards - you can make a mothers day card very easily, using whatever craft material you have! This one was made by glueing patterned paper on a blank card. Then, I added stickers, paper & gems on top to give a layered effect.

2.      Decorated note book - Grab an old unused note book, or simply buy one from a shop (you can get them fairly cheap!). Cover with paper and decorate :) And that's it! You can also use the same idea for shopping lists, diaries..ect
 3.   Bake! - Whether you decide to make some gorgeous cupcakes, or your mums favourite treat. These cupcakes above were just made using a simple cupcake recipe and decorated with sprinkles & smarties :) Another idea is you could even make her lunch that day for a change :)
4. Decorated photo frame - Get a blank photo frame and take out the card insert. Simply decorate like I have with this one, put the insert back and you're done :)
5. Phone/bag charm - This is a really simple one which is easy to do :) First you need to buy the actually phone charm, and add a jump ring through the hoop. Then, thread a pin through the heart, clip with pliers and curl until they meet at the bottom :)

There are a tonne of other ideas, use your imagination and evolve your crafts to your mums taste :)
Any other questions, or if you want more ideas, just email :)

lots of love, kate x

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sharing love & conquering fears ♥


Happy valentines day lovely people!

This post is a bit of a longer one to make up for my last, very short, blog entry ;)

So, today is valentines day :) It has been a lovely day & filled with so much happiness & love :) So I thought I'd share a few things :)

 Here are my gorgeous flowers from my lovely boyfriend - red roses! They are absolutely stunning!
 This card was handmade by the lovely Becca :) I got that & the lolly through the post which was such a nice surprise!
 This is a 'Lush' bathbomb i got from mum & dad :) I had it in my bath this morning and it was so nice & creamy!
I made these hearts for my mum, dad & sister & bought them a chocolate teddy to go with them :) I left them out on the side last night as I knew I wouldn't be up in time to give it to them as they were both going to work. They all really enjoyed them!
 Abi made me home-made pancakes this morning (my fav!) which was ever so lovely :)
 I send text messages to a lot of my friends & posted this photo to show them how much they mean to me!

Michael planned a super lovely ME friendly day for me :) I had a rest in the morning, then in the afternoon we went out for lunch, an ice cream & a little push along the beach :) Then we came home and watched FRIENDS :) Perfect day :)

So what did you do for valentines day? I don't think valentines day is all about girlfriends/boyfriends. I think its a lot to do with sharing your love, showing people that you care for them & enjoying what you have :) Yes, why should valentines day be different to every other day, you should really love your family/friends/boyfriends/girlfriends just as much every day, but I really think today is about celebrating this love :)

Enough with love now ;) What I really wanted to talk about was fears.

You are only born with two fears. Falling & loud noises. Everything else you have 'picked up' a long the way. This could be because of an experience like getting bitten by a dog, making you afraid of dogs. It could be having a dream when you were younger about getting run over, making you scared of driving. You could be scared of the dark or being alone in the house from horror movies. Or, you could be afraid of spiders because every time your parent saw a spider she would scream! Every single fear apart from falling & loud noises are caused by a trigger. Sometimes you are unaware of what it is &sometimes you know.

I have lots of fears, a lot of them I think are totally irrational and I think 'why in the world am I scared of that'. But you can't help it, as soon as you get put in that situation your body kicks in and your fear evolves. There are a lot of things you can do for conquering fears however, a lot of which I have discussed with my psychologist and are actually very interesting.  These seem to be the two main psychological approaches:

  1. The 'ladder' approach. You build up to your fears. For example, if you are scared of needles, the first 'step' of the ladder would be looking at a photo on the internet, then looking at a real needle, then holding a needle, then finally getting an injection. This is a really good approach as you can see you are improving, but also you can break the ladder up into as many different steps as you need.
  2. 'Jumping into the deep end'. This is quite a hard one really. I think its quite a harsh approach, but sometimes works. You put yourself in your feared situation. And wait.. Like, if you had social anxiety for example, you would go to a busy place and talk to people. You find you anxiety levels decrease the longer you stay, and sometimes you overcome your fear. The problem with this is consistency. I have done this method before, and unless you put yourself into that situation a number of times continually, it won't actually help. Also, throwing yourself into the deep end is tough, sometimes you get so anxious about it before it feels like torture, and that's not supposed to be the outcome effect. So it really depends on your fears and the severity. 
Of course, there are other options than those. There are lots of techniques psychologists use, and also therapy's like hypnosis. 

But you have to remember, these fears aren't with you for life. A lot of them evolve around you really, when your situation changed, you change. But I wanted to share with you one of my experiences of overcoming fears..

I am terrified of spiders. Even the really small ones, I'll scream and make a right fuss about it, especially if its big. We went a long to a place where they had a bug exhibit on. They had lots of spiders. It took me awhile to even get used to seeing them, but before you knew it, the man asked if I'd like to hold one, and I said yes! :o So surprised, and so so proud of myself :D This was definitely the 'throw yourself into the deep end' technique though. Yes, It hasn't worked brilliantly, as I know I will still get scared if a spider runs across my floor, but now I can think 'come on man, you've managed to hold a hell of a lot bigger spider before, don't panic!'

So I am really pleased with myself for doing it, and smiling through it! My next animal related fear is rats/mice, but i can't even look at them without getting panicky so I'm working up to it now :)

Do you have any fears? Have you conquered your fears?  I would love to know! Email me: kate.louise.xox@gmail.com

Don't forget to enter the competition on the right, only 3 day left! Good luck :)

lots of love, kate x

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Give-away timeeee :)


Hey :)

I've had a pretty rough week,  but, it means I have been able to make a few new crafty things which is amazing :)

Here are the smiley face bracelets I've been working on :) I really love them and have got some really nice/positive feedback from people who have bought them!

I am so proud of this bracelet :) It's a vintage style one to go with one of my tops, and has turned out to be very popular!

I have also been making some writing sets for Post Pals :) Really enjoy doing them & making money for a very worthy charity :)

To purchase any items go to either http://www.facebook.com/groups/281829891878126/ or http://www.dreamersjewellery.co.uk/ (More items on my facebook group!)


Instead of doing a proper blog post + craft project this week, as i'm very tired, I'm doing a competition for a give away :) You can win these prizes below, and all just by doing some of these tasks! Get entering! :)

Here are the prizes :) A crazy amount of things & I might even chuck a few more surprises in there!
Sorry this is so short - sleeeeeeepy.

Lots of love, kate x

Friday, 3 February 2012

They see me rollin' ;)


A roller-coaster of a week.. More health problems meaning I couldn't go on holiday, but I'm being admitted to hospital for the day on Tuesday so hopefully they'll sort me out ;) Anyways, a good thing that happened this week is a got my new wheelchair! :) It doesn't fit in the car mind, but we are sorting that problem out ;) Sooooo.. here it is *drum roll*

It has big wheels :) Loads of back support with adjustable tension and angle :) Really cool footrest with leg support :) Memory foam contoured cushion to help my pain :) And, its green ;) I absolutely love it, it is so comfy and much easier for my family to push :) I still need a name for it, kermit and hulk are a possibility but I think its too pretty for them ;) Let me know if you think of anything ;)
Thank you to everyone who donated money towards my wheelchair and came to my fundraiser. It has made a huge difference already and I am so thankful for it!

So, after a pretty tough week emotionally and physically, I came up with this weeks blog post. 
What makes you smile?

 Here are a few things which make me smile :) These are some lovely flowers from my lovely boyfriend :) He has been brilliant with me all week, and gave me lots of cuddles, which is just what I needed :)
  Surprises! I got this balloon through the post from my friend Becca! Honestly put the BIGGEST smile ever on my face, especially since it's eeyore! ;) Thank you love! <3
Comfort food ;) Mum & I decided we were in need of a chocolate pancake. Definitely made me smile.
Shopping & cosy clothes ;) All mixed in one here! We went shopping in fenwicks, and I got these comfy superdry joggers in the sale :)
 Friends, family & Michael :) I went to a house party for a bit last week, which was amazing! Got my mind off things and I can't wait to do something like that again :) So thank you to all the lovely people who where there and had a great laugh with ! Love you all lots :) 
Crafts :) I have spent a lot of this week making craft things :) Here is all the mess I make in the process ;)

I think everyone needs something to cheer them up when things are tough. It helps to know what makes you happy, and keep that for your tough times.

Craft Project:
Following the theme, 'what makes you smile' Give this as a surprise to loved ones :)

 You will need: Blank card & envelope, gems, mini envelopes, paper, glue.
 Start off with your blank card and cut out a square of paper a bit smaller than your cards size. Stick the mini envelopes (you can either make or buy these) onto the card like this ^. Cut out 4 pieces of paper a little smaller than the envelope size & write messages on them.
Put the messages into the envelopes and seal. Add gems for decoration and a 'iloveyou' sticker. All done!

Well, that's all for now. Give-aways are coming soon, just putting the final pieces together ;) So keep an eye out!

Lots of love, kate x