Saturday, 17 March 2012


I know Spring isn't actually 'official' yet until the 20th, but I'm seeing little signs of spring now which is so lovely :)

You have to look really close, as I took this photo on my phone, but here are some baby lambs! I've also seen snowdrops, daffodils & a lot more bird fluttering around :)

Today's blog post is about places I would love to visit, and what I would do there. This week I've seen so many people that I haven't seen in ages! One of which, was a friend who came over & told me how she's taking a gap year. In the gap year she's travelling the world! Obviously, I need to be a lot better to travel, but here are some places I would love to go see when the time is right :)

15 Places I want to visit
 Florida - I'd love to go to disneyworld, seaworld, the space centre, shopping..ect
 Africa - I would love to do some volunteer work & go on safari
 Caribbean- Just go on a lovely relaxing holiday in the sun, go swim in an infinity pool, and go snorkling!
 China - See the great wall of china, go visit a panda sanctuary & eat chinese ;)
 Paris - (Again ;)) Go up the eiffel tower & do all the main attractions there - even though I've done most of them already ;)
 London- (again ;) I would love to go see a west end show, see a ballet at the ROH, go shopping, go on the london eye..
 Mexico - Actually don't care where I do this, but I want to swim with dophins!
 Turkey - Just purely for the mud bath ;)
 New York - Definitely go ice skating in central park. Do all the popular things like shopping, breakfast at tiffany's, empire state, statue of liberty...
 New Zealand - explore & I want to sky dive there!
 Canada - Go see Niagara falls on a helicopter is the main thing I want to do there!
 France/Italy - Go skiing!
Thailand - I want to ride an elephant :) Also buy lots of pretty beads my uncle gets me from there! 

Australia - Scuba dive in the great barrier reef
Italy - go on a gondola!

So many thing I dream to do, and I'm sure I'll get there eventually :) What places do you want to visit?

Craft Project:

This one is pretty self explanatory really, but it's a good idea which anyone can do! All you need is some wooden blanks (you can get them from hobbycraft, most craft shops or online) and decorate them as you like :) Make a hole and add twining if you want to be able to hand your decoration!

lots of love, kate x

Saturday, 3 March 2012


Its March already :) The weather has been lovely this week, making me very excited for summer! Its actually feeling like spring now, I've seen daffodils & snowdrops, just need to see some baby lambs now & I'll be happy :)

This weeks blog post might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's been a really big part of my life ;) Dancing :) Even thought I can no longer dance, I love watching ballets on tv & anything to do with dance really :) 

One of my favourite dancers
Obviously, this is not the most balletic of photos! But this ballet is now one of my favourites, just because it's different. The choreography and dancing are amazing! Can you guess what it is? Alice In Wonderland :) If you haven't seen it, I thoroughly reccomend it. Even to those who don't like ballet, its a great story and is amazing to watch! Even better, I just found out the other week that Lauren Cuthbertson (One of my favourite ever dancers, pictured above^) had ME! It just shows you can get through this horrible illness and achieve some amazing things. It gave me such a boost hearing she recovered from it, and is now such an amazing principle dancer. She is also not just a magnificent dancer, she's a brilliant actor too. If you watch Alice In Wonderland her facial expression and the way she hooks you in to the ballet is beyond amazing.

My favourite choreographer

Matthew Bourne is by far my favourite ever choreographer. Yes, I do love classical ballets, but again, I love his work because it is different. Someone who hates ballet could love any of Matthew Bourne's shows, he brings magic, fun, laughter and creativity to the stage every time and never fails to impress. Like in the Nutcracker, he has people dressed up as sweets (above) and an unusual all male cast in the magnificent swan lake. I've seen a lot of his shows both at the theatre and on tv, and wherever you watch it you still enjoy it and wander how Matthew comes up with such amazing ideas.

Favourite ballet(s):

 I'm not going to lie, I love all ballets. I do have a few favourites though! As I said before, I love Alice in Wonderland and any of Matthew Bourne's creations. I love classics like sleeping beauty (saw the version with Lauren in live from the ROH at the cinema and loved it), swan lake (although I do like Matthew Bourne's version the best) and The nutcracker. Less famous ones, I absolutely love 'La Fille Mal Gardee'. The music, the choreography, everything is amazing! And, I especially love the clog dance (shown above). Going off topic slightly from staged ballets, Black Swan was truly spectacular. The fact Natalie Portman managed to get to such a high standard in such a short time is the thing I like best about the film. Yes, some of the film is a bit too 'visual' but again, it makes it different, and that's why I like it! Also, a slightly different one is Billy Elliott. Its my dream to see it in the west end, and its just an amazing contemporary show.

I could actually bombard you all with photos I love of dancers, but nearly everyone has seen pictures of ballerina's doing a perfect grande jete or pirouetting prettily ;) But I thought I would show you the drawings as I think they are just as good, but totally different. The painting on the left is of Darcy Bussel, it is done in watercolour by an artist called Allen Jones. I think its an amazing painting, and I actually did a very similar one for my GCSE art project. One the right is a drawing which I think is so inspirational. I can totally relate with it, as I am now in a wheelchair, but I still see myself as a dancer. Its really nice :)

Some pictures

 Well, I have quite a few photos of me from ballet. The most recent ones are of a few years a go where I played a lead role in our ballet school show, but I need to hunt them all out so I thought I would show you a few others. The photo on the left is of me, started training seriously at a very young age and participating in competition where they had to lower the age limit for me! On the right is some of my pointe shoes, I have gone through so many pairs through out my dancing times, and no-doubt when I get back on pointe again I will have more to add to the collection!

Costume and make-up

People don't actually realise how much make-up and costumes change a show. I have some amazing tutu's that I've kept because they are so beautiful, and even though I can't dance at the moment I still enjoy looking at pretty leotards and warm up gear :) 

My Next Step

I don't know if you have heard people say 'I could dance before I could walk', but this is what I am hoping for. At the moment, I really struggle walking even a few steps, hopefully that will change soon, but in the meantime, I have asked for a pair of tap shoes for my birthday. I'm going to sit on the edge of my bed when I'm well enough, and do the simple moves, hopefully gradually building up so when I can stand for longer I can do a few really simple steps :) 

So there's a little bit about ballet from me :) Its both relaxing and gripping to watch, and the stamina and flexibility you need for it is unbelievable.

Craft project:

On the subject of dance, it inspired me for this very simple craft project. At ballet, I always had to have my hair up in a bun. The only way to make your's more unique was by accessorizing. To make this button hair grip is very simple. Buy a pack of hair grips, and hunt out a spare button. Simply glue onto the grip or sew!

lots of love, kate x