Saturday, 25 August 2012

Beautiful pictures are developed from negatives in a dark room.. So if you see darkness in your life, be reassured that a beautiful picture if being prepared


Well, this week has been quite a week..

I haven't been my best to start off with, and then I was in a car crash. We're both relatively okay (apart from my neck/shoulder/arm which I have a rather attractive sling to wear!) but the car has been totally written off.. Big shock to us both, and definitely paying for it, but it just shows, things can be taken away from you at a blink of an eye.. But, I'm still smiling :) I've had lovely people keeping me happy :) My best friend Becca bought me flowers, my other best friend Becca got me a gorgeous balloon & Michael got my an amazing nemo cup & eeyore keyring ;) I have also been having lots of hugs, nice messages and planning new craft things so I'm still saying positive :) :)

Anyways, today's blog post is on photography :) I am really really enjoying photography at the moment! And  next week, hopefully, I'll be signed up after the interview to an amazing arts, design & craft qualification where I can really show and express both my love and talent for art :) Had such amazing feedback from people, and I cannot wait to show the world what I can do :)

Soo.. here's some garden photography :) With a few in the corn field across the road :) Will share some different ones soon too!
 for luck
 so elegant
 buzy bee
 busy bee
I sat in the middle of the field with my camera taking photo's 

Want to look at some more? -

At the moment, as I'm quite poorly, a lot of my photo's are taken in my front garden, or in the village. but, once I can get out more, their will be some exciting adventures and pictures to share!

Beautiful pictures are developed from negatives in a dark room.. So if you see darkness in your life, be reassured that a beautiful picture if being prepared

lots of love, kate x

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Olympic Fever


Hello lovely's :)

Been a little while since my last post.. trying my best to make them more regular though as I am *trying very hard* to get on the laptop for half an hour once a week!

So, little update. I seem to be quite poorly again *booooo* but resting loads to try not go into relapse! I got a B in my maths AS level which was a huge achievement, even though I'm resitting that last paper because I know I can do much better ;) I can now sing and do sign language at the same time, and will be performing it on stage scaryandexciting! And, I'm doing a revamp of my jewellery & crafts business, which I'll post more on in a few weeks time - as well as pictures of me making bathbombs/soaps/newprouducts :) :) :) So, despite being extra poorly still achieving things which feels brilliant :) :)

Anyways, Olympics! Everyone has been talking about it, I know, but I really really enjoyed it :)

I always look forward to the Olympics, where ever it is. But in my home country? That's something special! Being stuck in bed / sofa most of the time, I am getting a bit sick of dvd's and 'Come Dine With Me' along with the other programmes I usually watch through the day! When the olympics is on though, I love it! It doesn't take up much energy, but at the same time it is interesting :) Even though unfortunately I didn't make it down with my family to see it, I was there cheering at my tv dressed all patriotically! I also loved hearing the stories about where the athletes had come from, and what amazing progress they'd made whilst turning their life around. Was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and I was definitely proud to be British - as cheesy as it sounds! From the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony, I was hooked to the TV and got majorly excited every time Team GB got a medal! I also think that it has brought our country together a bit, and the new arena's will give so many opportunities to up and coming stars!

Leading on from that, even though I didn't make it to London, I got to see some of the Team GB rowers! They happened to be in a town about 10mins away from me whilst I was going for a push along the river *lucky or what!* They came over, had a really nice conversation, took photos and let me hold an Olympic medal! What absolutely lovely athletes!

 Holding an olympic medal :)
Here I am with Matt Wells :)

Now, I am all excited for the paralympic games too! And as they say, 'thanks for the warm-up' ;)

I've decided to do a 'photo of the week' and a 'make of the week' :) Will occasionally keep posting craft projects but my brain is struggling to write fluent instructions ;)

Photo of the week:

 Check out my photography page -
Very excited about my photography, been asked to submit some pictures for a magazine which I'm super excited about!

Make of the week:

rings,rings,rings <3 p="p">

Hope everyone is okay, got a lot of nice things in store for blog posts coming soon!

lots of love, kate x