Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Random Acts of Kindness Advent - With Bearhugs


Merry Christmas!

Well, it's been a hectic month leading up to Christmas for me. Project Parent is at it's busiest time and I was volunteering with a few extra things, so it was really quite difficult to get some time to myself. As per usual, it's made me pretty unwell, but, I was able to go to my sisters for an hour on Christmas day which was amazing. Now it's time to rest and one of the things I wanted to get back into doing was some blogging. I wanted to share this lovely advent calendar which Bear Hugs set up again this year. It's about spreading a bit of kindness and I've loved taking part. I wasn't able to do them all in order due to being either ill or frantic with Project Parent, but I finally managed to cross them all out before Christmas.

1 - A simple one, I shared this on my social media sites.
2 - This day I was in bed, but I knew I would be because I had a stall at my first craft fair in years the night before. There, I took the opportunity to smile at everyone. It didn't take much effort, as I was genuinely so happy to be out in the community and with my crafts again. But it was a lovely hour out!
- I spread the word about 3 local charities (or charities to-be) which I either help with or use - Happy Faces, Chilli Studios + Calvert Trust Kielder. I did the same with 3 national ones - Post PalsSmile For ME + Spoonie Survival Kits.
- I took my hospital time to compliment a nurse
5 - I spent some extra time with my nephew Jack. We watched some tv in bed and snuggled in.
6 - This was a tricky one for me. I need to do it more often. I had a nice bath and put some body lotion on. But, then I ordered Jayne-Hardy's self care project (you can get it here) so I could plan in more time to be kind to myself
7 - I ordered a nice box of treats for a friend, Laura, who had a terrible day. When it snowed heavily she ended up staying at ours for 5 hours because the car broke down and it was all a nightmare. So I sent her a Bearhugs box to her address with some nice goodies in to cheer her up as a surprise the net day.
8 - I thanked my mum who'd gone out the way to get lots of the Project Parent shopping for me
9 - I told my carer she was great because I had a lovely morning out
10 - I sent a nice text to a friend
11 - I bought from a number of small, independent businesses over the Christmas period. 3 examples are Handmade by Holly who made a beautiful bear for my sister, Crafters Emporium who made some lovely hair ties and Mrs BArts who designed a giraffe coaster for my friend.
12 - I love hugs, but my boyfriend got extra hugs for dealing with me whilst I've been so busy and poorly.
13 - We sent 50 of our Project Parent boxes to Post Pals this year which was fantastic. I'll continue writing to pals when I have the energy.
14 - I helped mum tidy up some of the front room
15 - Instead of making a drink, I took a lady out for a drink who wouldn't usually go out and bought her a cuppa.
16 - I dropped little compliments throughout the day
17 - I let my Project Parent volunteers know I appreciate all they do and how fantastic they are
18 - I sponsored a number of causes over Christmas including St Oswalds, North East Pageant Network and Compingoo Christmas Appeal.
19 - I went for a cup of coffee in the lovely Elisa Rose cafe and stuck one of my friends 'spread the smile' posters on the toilet door. Look up on instagram to see their lovely work
20 - This one was a bit mixed up, as it says 'give feedback to a boss about good customer service'. I very rarely do this, but I did write in to tell a man who always helps me in paperchase out as well as telling Ringtons they are generally the most amazing people ever. But, then i got a package from a boss. I had been chosen from One Stop (nominated by my boyfriend, bless!) to receive a hamper at Christmas for my commitment to the community. I was so shocked, so it felt truly amazing!
21 - When writing my Christmas cards I was able to write little notes to people I haven't managed to speak to in a long time. It was really nice.
22 - I gave my mum my extra self-care book (as I ordered 1 then got 1 for Christmas!) as she needs some extra self-love too
23 - I sent a text to a couple of friend to let them now I was thinking of them
24 - I would like to send more RAOK post, keep in contact with people more, make sure I spend some time taking care of myself, put aside time/energy each week for my family and continue volunteering.

So, I really enjoyed taking part and I think it was a lovely concept. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and looks forward to what the New Year brings.

Kate x


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