• Nativity sets out of FIMO and sold them with all profits going to Minsteracres Church. I raised £25 and spent 3h volunteering. 
  • 30 mins on a 'help from home' task through vInspired.
  • Tiny Lives poster for a friend who was selling bracelets for the charity. This took 1.5 h.
  • 62 letters to all the PostPals, and even though it took me 5 hours, it was one of the most rewarding things I've done.
  • An hour at an MENE meet up and painted nails, raising £5.
  • An hour creating a poster for Team Tubey.
  • Raffle for CDHUK, raising £60 and volunteering for 3h.
  • 3h in Boots, MetroCentre, and raised £16.20 for Children In Need.
  • 5h making phone charms, raising £18.50 for AYME.
  • Raised £88.60 making necklaces to raise money for Action For ME, adding 25h to my volunteering total. 
  • An hour doing the Sport Relief Mile. 


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